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About Resurgens Sports Medicine Center

The Resurgens Sports Medicine Center is the most comprehensive sports medicine service in Georgia. Our highly-trained physicians care for all athletic injuries ranging from recreational and competitive athletes to weekend warriors. Individual athletes’ needs are as diverse as the sports they play. We meet those needs with a full spectrum of care, allowing patients to get back to their normal activity level quickly and safely.

Patient Success Stories

Meet some of our patients and hear about their life-changing experiences. And what Resurgens did to help.

Learn About Our Foundation

Resurgens Charitable Foundation builds "all abilities" playgrounds for kids in metro Atlanta.

Careers at Resurgens

Interested in joining our team? Resurgens offers many exciting careers in the orthopaedic field.


Resurgens Sports Medicine Center has 21 offices serving metro Atlanta. Search for one of our locations by zip code or click on the map.


What's Happening at Resurgens

Patient Portal

Monday, June 23, 2014

If you are a Resurgens patient and need  assistance with logging in and/or using the Follow My Health patient portal, please call  888-670-9775, use the HELP link on the Login page, or send an email to support@followmyhealth.com.

At this time the Follow My Health Patient Portal does not function properly on a Tablet or Smartphone. We recommend accessing the portal from a PC/ desktop computer only,

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